Cookies Policy

This site uses cookies, small text files that allow to stow visitors’ preferences, in order to improve and simplify site functionalities (e.g. Login, site language) and for the site analysis.

Session cookies are essential to discern connected users and are useful to avoid mistakes in people and services provision. They are also important to avoid hackers’ attacks to the website. Session cookies don’t include personal data and last as long as the running session, which means until you close the browser. You do not need to authorise their use.

Functionality cookies are strictly necessary for the site use. In particular the are connected to a clear user request (e.g. Login). They do not need consent.

By using the website, visitor explicitly consents to cookies use.

Cookies can be disabled directly on the user browser by withdrawing cookies ‘consent. By disabling cookies, site performance can be incorrect.

To get information on disabling cookies you can visit the following websites:

Mozilla Firefox – Microsoft Internet Explorer – Microsoft Edge – Google Chrome – Opera – Apple Safari

The present site also serves as intermediary for third-parties cookies. These cookies are used to provide further services and functionalities to visitors and to improve the use of the site itself (e.g. social, videos).

This site has no control on third parties’ cookies, entirely managed by third-parties companies. If you want to disable these type of cookies, or get more information about them, directly contact the third-parties webpage. They are going to be mentioned later.

Specifically, the present site uses cookies of the following third-parties:

– Google Analytics: is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic by using cookies (performance cookies), in order to examine the site’s use by users, fill out activity site reports and give other information, as number of visitors and visited webpages. When permitted by the law, Google can transfer these information to third-parties; Google is not going to link the IP address to any other data possessed by Google. Google’s transferred data are going to be lodged by Google’s servers in the United States.

In accordance with specific agreement with Google, responsible on data processing, the international company engages personal data treatment based on the Owner’s requests(see policy below). Advertisement and sharing data option are disabled. Further information on Google Analytics cookies can be found on Google Analytics Cookies Usage on Websites page. Users can disable Google Analytics data collection by selecting them. To process this action download the app provided by Google.

– YouTube: Platform owned by Google to share videos. It uses cookies to collect users and surfing devices information. Videos on the website do not transmit cookies on the page access, as the “advanced privacy (no cookie)” has been set up. This option makes sure for YouTube not to memorize visitors’ information, as long as they do not play the video voluntary. For further information on data use and on their processing by Google, we recommend you examine information policy provided by Google (Google Modality Page)

Social Network Plug-in

The present site also subsumes plugin and/or social media keys, in order for you to easily share contents on your favorites social media. These plugins have been programmed without cookies on the page access, so that is possible to protect users’ privacy. It may be possible that cookies are going to be set up (if required by social networks), only when the user voluntary and explicitly uses plugins. Please remind that, when the users is surfing on a specific social media, he/she has already authorized cookies ‘use by logging in to the social network.

Collecting and using information obtain by plugin use are regulated by respective social networks privacy policies. Please visit the following links to get more information about the subject.

– Facebook – (cookies policy link)

– Twitter – (cookies policy link)

– Google+ – (cookies policy link).